Sunday, December 3, 2006


Yesterday the three of us had lunch at Moe's with two of Ryan's friends from work. Charlie was really good and slept the whole time we were there. After we were done eating a woman who had been eating nearby with her three kids came over to ask about Charlie (her youngest looked close in age to Charlie). She asked the standard questions "How old is he? What is his name? How is he sleeping?" and then said "Could you watch mine for a second so I can take the older kids to the bathroom?" Um, sure, no problem. I guess when you have three kids the qualifications for a babysitter are less strict. Like if you have a baby that appears to be clean and fed, you can babysit my kid. Even if I don't know your name or anything about you. Crazy.

We took Charlie to church and Sunday School today and he did really well. He was quiet all through Sunday School except for his usual seagull noises that made everyone smile. I fed him in the nursing room and took him to church. He was pretty good but really squirmy. I was able to maintain my composure until during the Lord's Prayer when he took his hand off my necklace and jammed his fist right down my cleavage. When his face started getting all red and squishy Ryan took him out to change his diaper. Ryan made lots of friends in the nursery and was full of information when we had lunch afterwards.

At lunch we discussed who we wanted to pick for God Parents (yes we are slackers who procrastinate). At one point Ryan said "What about X and X?" I looked at him curiously. "What?" he said. I replied "They're both women. They'd be God Life-Partners not God Parents." Haha, we could have a very progressive baby with his God Mommies.

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