Sunday, November 19, 2006

Why not, we're the parents right?

We were very poor examples for Charlie this morning. It started when we slept too late to go to church (which starts at 11 did I mention?). That couldn't really be avoided because Charlie was feeling extra chipper and alert between three and nine in the morning and needed help with his Calculus lessons, so we were tired. Since church was out, Ryan and I took Charlie to Sonic for brunch. I had the breakfast toaster sandwich and Ryan had the Super Sonic BreakFeast Burrito and we both got large caffienated beverages (Ryan Dr. Pepper and me tea). We sat in the car as a little family for about an hour enjoying our brunch and listening to songs on the iPod. We've started developing Charlie's ear for the classics. He is developing a taste for Van Morrison, The Beatles, Simon and Garfunkel, Willie Nelson, and Johnny Cash (and Greenday and Kanye West and Flogging Molly). After we finished our sandwiches, I said "Want to get an ice cream cone?" To my surprise Ryan shrugged and said "Sure!" and started burrowing through the cupholders for change. I said "Why not, we're the parents now!!" And shoot, it was noon somewhere! Man it was great. I realized last night that Ryan and I were making an effort to be extra polite to eachother, which is good, but I really missed the ease of our pre-child relationship. Turns out it's still there, just covered by a layer of fatigue and breastmilk.

[Which, I'd like to thank C from La Leche League who I spoke to on Friday and who told me that some babies can nurse lying down (her kids learned to do it at 3 and 6 weeks, Charlie's advanced like that). Greatest trick EVER. Not only did it NOT HURT for some reason, Charlie took to it like a duck to water. That kid could nurse standing on his head. He does not care how the food gets to him, he just wants FOOD and he will suck on anything (arm, neck, wrong part of boob) to get it (I have a nice hicky from this. Ryan's jealous.). Anyway, C from La Leche League? Be expecting an awkward gift of wine and chocolate from me at the next meeting. Signed, SoreNips224.]

This week is Thanksgiving! Charlie's first holiday (except Veteran's Day and Election Day)! I can't wait to teach him all about the Mayflower and Plymouth Rock and the Pilgrims and Indians and the hard winter and the stuffing and pie and turkey and mashed potatoes and pie and green bean casserole and pie. (Did anyone watch that Food Network show where they used leftover green bean casserole to make a fancy meal with portabello mushrooms? Becaaaauuuussseee...obviously that woman has never experienced the exquisite joy of eating cold green bean casserole out of the tupperware standing up by the open refrigerator door in your undies in the middle of the night.) Anyone know where I can find a secondhand Pilgrim costume (including shoes with buckles preferably) in size 0-3 Mo?

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