Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Things that are annoying (and not annoying)

#1 Target Online Photolab
Not only do they not have their own website (and make you sign up for Yahoo Photos), they don't offer 3.5 x 5 inch prints. So my really awesome Christmas card idea will be more difficult because the cards I bought and pre-addressed are too small for a 4x6. Our solution is to use a less perfect picture of Charlie that Ryan will then hand crop using a paper cutter at school. Also, the nice new Target by our house is not on the list of available stores for pickup, which means I have to go to the old Target on the other side of town. The Target where you almost die trying to enter the parking lot because you have to cross three lanes of traffic instantaneously after getting off the freeway. Get ready for a vocabulary lesson Mr. Charlie.

#2 Dumb Sidewalks
Charlie and I went for an hour-long walk today. (Yeah, it was AWESOME. The weather was perfect and he slept the whole time and I wasn't sitting on the couch watching "Christina's Court") The only problem, and I've never noticed this before, is that the sidewalks in my neighborhood don't have ramps at the corners. So every time I got to an alley (about every 50 feet when going N or S) or the end of a block I had to lower the stroller off the curb then pick it up again on the other side. Fortunately this didn't phase Charlie who slept the whole time and is STILL sleeping in his stroller now. Yay!

Things that are not annoying? Lansinoh disposable nursing pads (aka diapers for your boobs). No more dripping! I even took the towels out of my bed. My quality of life (like leaving the house without "bullseyes" on my shirts and not smelling like spoiled milk all the time) is about to improve considerably. I am so excited.

Also not annoying? I live in a town where in one week you can have highs in the 70s, thunderstorms with hail, highs in the 30s, and a chance of "wintery mix".

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