Thursday, November 30, 2006

It's WINTER! Who knew?

So they said we had a 20% chance of flurries last night. And then it kept changing to 30% and then 60% and then 90%/Snow Advisory/1-3 inches of accumulation. And, well look.


And it's still snowing. It's pretty! And since I won't be leaving the house (Ryan has forbidden it. AFTER he drove all the way to work.), I'm still in my bathrobe. And I haven't had a shower. Unfortunately not leaving the house also means I have to make my own coffee. And I won't get to enjoy the baby-soothing benefits of rides in the car. The carseat has magical qualities.

Charlie doesn't seem phased by the snow.

Charlie says "It's good to be a gangsta."

I want to take him out in his full body fleece coat thing to take some pictures, but then I would have to put on pants and maybe even take off my cozy bathrobe. Meh.

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