Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Girls! Girls! Girls!

Since today would be the first time Charlie and I met my new best kid-having hippy friends at La Leche League, I wanted to make a good impression. I gave Charlie a bath, put him in his cute frog diaper cover and a sweet blue sleeper, put on a nice skirt and sandals (wanted to fit the part of the hippy La Leche League stay-at-home-mom), and left early so I could be sure to get there on time. I even remembered to write down the address and room number and take it with me. I was the picture of organization and inner poise.

Well about halfway over there a whole lot of "La Leche" started soaking through my shirt and all that inner poise went right out the window. First, I made a wrong turn (how? How how how? The meeting was at a church I attended for OVER A YEAR). Then when I arrived at the church and parked at the west end of the building (as instructed) I found the door locked. I struggled getting Charlie into the sling (had to be the sling because my new attachment parenting hippy friends would frown on Charlie being confined in a car seat plus it covered one boob, not the one with the most noticable wet mark, but better than nothing) because it was windy and my skirt was blowing around my head and I was flustered because I was late and gosh isn't it great that kids don't start repeating the things you say until they're a little older? So with Charlie nestled into the sling in a very uncomfortable looking position I set about finding an unlocked door. I finally found one about nine miles away from my car and went inside where Charlie suddenly realized just how uncomfortable he was and began protesting loudly. I dropped my handbag, pulled him out of the sling, wrapped him in a blanket, then did a deep kneebend to retrieve my handbag and went looking for the classroom. The classroom was pretty much just opposite the locked door from my car.

Everyone there was SO nice. And they all loved Charlie. There was another small baby there (who had the same rocker hair as Charlie) and several other kids and toddlers running around and eating pieces of fruit (organic, free-range fruit I'm sure) while the mamas talked breastfeeding (and breastfed their babies, I was disappointed Charlie had just been fed because I could have joined in). We broke into small discussion groups and I was paired with the other lady with the newborn. When the leader came over to ask us how we were doing I noticed that the other newborn mama spoke in the same kind of crazed "I'm laughing and smiling so much because if I don't I'm going to start crying again." tone that I have been using off and on since Charlie was born.

Charlie was perfect. He slept the whole time in the blanket my friend S made him and I was so proud of him (he was most certainly the cutest baby there). Everyone told me I was doing a great job because he was gaining so much weight and gave me some tips for preventing pain. They learned our names and praised Charlie's new chubbiness. They even invited me to their holiday pot luck dinner. I like my new friends. Please don't tell them that Charlie is currently sleeping in his car seat. Or that we have a crib for him to sleep in at night. Or that we eat red meat.

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