Monday, November 13, 2006

Drip Drip Drip

Post Partum Fun
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Just when you think you're body is getting back to normal (see photo of me wearing a size MEDIUM shirt), your girls go crazy. I don't think this part is supposed to last for too much longer (I hope), but it sure is hard to get used to. I have figured out that all it takes is for me to LOOK at the baby for things to get going. He doesn't even have to be awake. It's bizarre.

Charlie is doing really really well. He sleeps a lot and is quiet when he is awake. He wakes up to eat at night and then goes back to sleep. We've been so lucky. He is still has the coolest hair ever.

On Sunday we took Charlie to church. We sat in the very back just in case, but he slept peacefully the whole time even through all the standing and sitting and singing and congregational responses. He made lots of new friends (look with your EYES don't you know it's cold and flu season! Oh gosh listen to me) and several of our friends and one of the pastors came up to meet him while we were there. After the service he got a little antsy so I took him to the nursing room to give him lunch.

I know what you came for is baby pictures and if you click on the word "ryanandbecca" below the goofy picture of me you will go to my Flickr site where there are new baby pictures. Enjoy!

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