Monday, November 27, 2006

Covenant Women's Spa-spital

Today Charlie and I went back to the hospital for a weight check (Charlie was weighed, not me). I felt like saying "He's a newborn, I promise!" when I saw the other (tiny, bald) babies there. Charlie now weighs 10 lb 7 oz up from his birthweight of 8 lb 10 oz. When they weighed him the nurse exclaimed "Ooh! This one's eating REALLY well!" As usual he showed his distaste for public nudity by peeing and spitting up on the scale. Other than that he was a little sweetheart and slept in his stroller while I talked to the nurses about my, um, nursing issues (am I going to be sleeping on towels forever? Are they supposed to get so full? Why the hell do they hurt so bad?).

Anyway, being at the hospital today and visiting a friend there last week made me realize how much I would like to move back in on a long term basis. Where else do you have babysitting, food, drinks, and fancy prescription pain medication available at the push of a button? Where else do they require nothing of you but sitting in bed and admiring your baby? Why did the food have to be so darn good?? I even had cable and a lake view! Home is nice, but a lot more work. No matter how many times I hit my alarm clock, no disembodied voice fills the room asking what I need. Sigh. We still have Charlie's little hat and shirt that he wore there. Maybe we can sneak back in. They wouldn't notice the giant baby in the nursery right?

Right now he is in his bouncer trying not to fall asleep. It's really fun to watch. He keeps kicking his legs as his eyelids get heavier and heavier and letting out just one tiny quiet "waa" at a time. He should be asleep soon. Then it's time to clean up around here a little because...ew.

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