Monday, October 9, 2006

Stupidest. Thing. Ever.


Saturday started out to be a really really good day. We both slept late and had no plans for the whole day so after a breakfast of chocolate chip cookies and milk we drove to Lowe's to buy fall plants for the front garden. You'll be happy to know that we actually stuck to plants this time and didn't come home with any new light fixtures. On the way home we decided to check out the new Target (ooh, exciting) and then run to Sonic for gardening refreshment before going home to plant the garden. We were almost to Sonic when this dumb guy (see "all drivers in this town are out to kill me") came to a COMPLETE STOP in the right lane because there was a dog standing on the grass BESIDE the road (where the speed limit is 50 mph, did I mention?). I slammed on my brakes and was able to stop just short of his car. Ryan and I were just taking a deep "well that was close" breath when we heard squealing tires and were hit by another car from the back. I stayed in the car while Ryan got out to make sure everyone was alright. While Ryan was talking to the guy in back, Mean Jerk Guy (from the front car) jumped out of his car, came back and started screaming (screaming) at me about tailgating and speeding and being irresponsible (keep in mind that I DIDN'T FREAKING HIT HIM) and how he was "from the Northeast and we don't take any shit!!!!" Ryan finally got everyone to drive around the corner onto a less busy street so we didn't all get hit again (and it's the law in this state) where Mean Jerk Guy got back out of his car and continued yelling at me until I said (in a forceful but not yelling tone) "I didn't hit you, he hit me and pushed my car into yours." This only made Mean Jerk Guy madder and now he was yelling at Nice Guy (in the back car). Ironically Mean Jerk Guy was yelling at Nice Guy about how he should be more careful because he hit a pregnant lady and I wanted to say "Well he had no idea who was in the car and that was an accident. What's your excuse for screaming at a pregnant lady for 10 solid minutes?!" Ryan called the police when Mean Jerk Guy started making bodily threats at Nice Guy and Nice Guy's family. Thank goodness they came quickly. According to the cop five police cars were coming originally because they got so many calls from people in the neighborhood about a fight about to break out and they just assumed it was a bunch of drunk Tech fans. After Mean Jerk Guy left the cop said "He kept saying he was from the Northeast. I told him not to be coming to Texas and causing car accidents." The cop was really nice and even checked our car seat for us before we left (although I think being rear ended is a pretty good test of a carseat). My car has a small dent on the lid for the trunk, but it still opens and closes and latches and keeps water out of the trunk, so it's not that big of a deal. I'm going to take it to the shop today because every time I see the dent it makes me mad. Not at the guy who hit me, but at Mean Jerk Guy. Ryan and I continued to Sonic and then planted our garden and had a very nice afternoon together. I will not write about the Tech game because writing about the wreck has gotten me plenty riled up for one day. You can read about it for yourself at .UPDATE: That tiny, infuriating dent in my trunk is going to cost someone (not ME thank goodness) $1200 to fix. Yes. A dent that occupies less than 5% of the surface area of my car is going to cost more than 30% of the car's resale value to fix. I wonder if they would just give me a check. I could decorate the dent and turn it into pop art and refer to it as "Denty". I could really use $1200 and really, does anyone expect an almost 7 year old car with 85000 miles on it to look perfect?

Also, I called my doctor today and was scolded for not going to the emergency room after the stupidest-wreck-ever even though I tried to explain just how much of a non-issue the whole thing was and that Charlie has been moving around well ever since (and has even started a really adorable habit of playing soccer with my ovaries) and I haven't had any "weird symptoms" that would indicate something had gone wrong. This after being brushed off in the second trimester when I had a massive can't-lift-head-from-pillow headache for three days (OK it DID turn out to be sinus congestion and I WAS overreacting by making hourly checks of my hands feet and face for signs of swelling because I was SURE I had pre-eclampsia). Sheesh, I can't win.

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