Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Still Nothing to Report.

I love love love working at home. I used to think it would be boring and lonely, but those are actually good things. Boring and lonely are code for productive and free from unwanted remarks about how I look (which is huge. Really freaking huge.). Unfortunately I have to leave in a little while to attend a seminar I'm interested in about remote sensing and damage documentation. Since the one shirt I still look OK in has a large Frappachino stain on the front I will be wearing my "Episcopal Athletics #88" shorts and one of Ryan's XL tshirts. Because people are either going to say I look great (which is a bald faced lie that I appreciate very much) or that I look huge. And it doesn't matter what I wear. And I feel crummy. Because if you forget to take your heartburn medicine and eat dinner at eight o'clock at night, scarfing an entire taco plate including rice and extra tortillas is a really bad move. Bad. Did I mention that my ankles are wider than my feet? It's so interesting! I can feel them slosh when I walk too. I call them my club legs.

One week and one day to go!! So excited. So excited!!

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