Monday, October 16, 2006

OK I have a confession to make.

Good Morning!
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This morning I went and dropped my car off at the body shop (see "stupidest thing ever") and picked up my rental car. The rental car is possibly the only car ever created that could make my car feel large by comparison. But that's not the point. The car has a CD player. I know I have an iPod that I consider to be an extension of my own body, but it is still novel to be able to shove music right into the dashboard. And there's something calming about being limited to the fifteen or so songs on a CD that you just don't get with the iPod (with my recent inability to make decisions of any kind, reducing the pool from 1500 songs to 15 is the brain equivalent of a trip to Canyon Ranch). This is how I found myself cruising along on the way to work listening to my church's Christmas album. Now, to those of you who think mid-October is too early for Christmas music I say "You are a hater and I don't care what you think." Hark the Herald Angels Sing was playing as I left my neighborhood and I'd gotten through What Child is This? and Oh Little Town of Bethlehem by the time I arrived at work. When I parked the car an absolutely beautiful Christmas medly for organ and violin (arranged and performed by a husband and wife team at our church) began playing and guess what... Charlie LOVED it. He started dancing as soon as the violin started up and really got excited (just like me) when the organ came in. I've noticed this before during church. The kid has a thing for organ music and hymns. Can he feel the vibrations from the pipe organ or something? Does he somehow sense how happy the music makes me? Anyway, I couldn't deprive him of just one more song so we sat in the car and listened to Ding Dong Merrily on High together and he didn't once roll his eyes (at least I couldn't see it if he did) when I tried to sing along (you know the words right? Ding dong merrily on high! Do do do do do dooo dooo. Lalalalalalalalalalalalala Hosanna in Excelsis! second verse, same as the first!). Oh we are going to have so much fun when we drive to Austin for Christmas (and by "we" I probably just mean "me" given Ryan's lukewarm affection for Christmas music and singing in the car in general).

This picture is Rossby after I woke him up this morning. Rossby prefers our 300 thread count sheets to his own Target dog bed and hand-me-down dorm comforter. Actually he was in his own bed last night until "someone" accidently woke him up by throwing a pillow on top of him in her sleep.

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