Friday, October 20, 2006

Nothing to Report

No new symptoms to report. Nothing to indicate this weekend will include anything out of the ordinary. I do have a cold though. That is no fun. Especially because I can't take any of the really good meth-lab cold medicine that makes you forget your name and what year it is. And this particular cold is mocking the one decongestant I am allowed to take. So I have been spending a lot of time lying on the couch under about twelve quilts letting Ryan be really really nice to me without feeling guilty (and drinking plenty of fluids, Mom and Papa). Daytime TV is boring, so after I completely destroyed the kitchen (that Ryan cleaned last night) trying to make a scrambled egg sandwich with the wrong type of frying pan (egg pieces everywhere. hopefully I will beat Ryan home and can fix it because the kitchen really was beautiful this morning) I ventured out to the coffee shop to try to get some work done.

Plans for the weekend include a yard sale at our church, maybe "Octoberfest" at a Lutheran church in the area (research?), and straightening up of the house (I'd say "cleaning" but that would involve chemicals and stuff and possibly bending over and/or squatting, so no, although maybe it's time to clean out Charlie's bathtub where last weekend we washed both Rossby and the floormats from my car). Oh and I guess I'll be making cookies. Last night while he was doing dishes, Ryan exclaimed "Huh, the cookie tub is clean!" in a voice just loud enough to penetrate the decongestant fog and my rapt attention to ER. Which really means "empty". Which means "Beck, will you please please please make more cookies?" He wants snickerdoodles. I want chocolate chip. I think I'll make both. And maybe some peanutbutter too. Wow I like cookies.

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