Friday, October 6, 2006

I refuse to get my hopes up...really...

So I've decided to send in an application for that teaching job in Austin. It's a really long shot, but I'm really interested in the job, so I'm going to try. It starts in August 2007, and that would be a really good carrot for finishing my dissertation too. Anyway, I'm having a lot of trouble not fantasizing about what it would be like to work there. I know there is no point in getting my hopes up becuase the only qualifications I have for the job are interest and a pulse, but I can't help but picture myself leading Charlie the kindergartener by the hand to his classroom at the Lutheran school on campus (he in his adorable uniform of course and me dressed smartly as neo-hippie college professor in a long flowy skirt and leather sandals; did I mention that I'm really skinny in these dreams too) before I go to the morning chapel service with all of my students. I talked it over with my advisor yesterday and when I said "I'm sure it's not what you had hoped for me..." he interruped me and said enthusiastically "No, I think it would be perfect. I think you would really like it there!" He told me it's like the Austin headquarters for Lutherandom and there is a seminary on campus. What a neat environment to work in!! I have this (totally inaccurate I'm sure as this is not Oxford in the 18th Century we're talking about) vision of having long theological discussions with my coworkers over dark beers after work/black coffee in the afternoon. So like I said, I AM NOT GOING TO GET EXCITED. Because there is like a one in ten million shot that my Methodist-with-no-teaching-experience-having-butt will ever be considered for the job. Seriously. But I'm still going to write my "teaching philosophy statement" today. And rent the movie "Luther" this weekend. And J said I could be a Lutheran in as little as three weeks at his church, so I better get started on that (just kidding...although...).

Did I mention that I tried to be a hero last night and didn't take my nightly Benadryl (pink preggo crack) so I wouldn't have to go to the store today and be subjected to a criminal style interrogation so I can buy more? Bad...sniff...bad...sneeze...idea. Bad. I think I might be allergic to our bed. I'm pretty sure there is a meth lab in the apartments down the street from me (but it really is a lovely neighborhood, Mom, very safe for babies) and I'm hoping one of them can hook me up with some Benadryl without the four hour time committment required by CVS.

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