Friday, September 22, 2006

What are you trying to do to me?

Who watched ER last night? What happened to the days of TV where every conflict was resolved neatly by the end of the episode and in the last five minutes all the characters gathered around in the living room/local hangout/by the lockers and had a good laugh about what might have happened had it not been for so-and-so's quick thinking/hilarious coincidence? I remember an episode of Perfect Strangers in the late eighties where the big drama was that Larry and Balki were locked in a basement and it was filling with water because of something Balki did and the big drama was that when the water reached the breaker box they would be electrocuted. The good thing about shows like that is that there is no way you could possibly relate to being locked in a basement that was filling with water. Such was not the case on last night's season premiere of ER, which is probably my favorite show. On the season finale Abby, my favorite character and who I consider a close friend (yes I have lost touch with reality, shut up!), who was not quite 7 months pregnant, passed out after a shootout in the emergency room. On last night's episode they took her up to ob to be monitored and she had a placental abruption and had to be delivered immediately by emergency c-section even though the baby was too little. So the baby is really sick and Abby had to have a hysterectomy because she was bleeding too much so Luca (Abby's boyfriend)is really sad because they can't have any more kids and this one might not make it because did I mention the baby is REALLY sick and might not make it and might have lifelong disabilities? They named the baby Joe by the way after Joe Frazier, because he's a fighter. As a final nail in the coffin of my composure they showed a video of tiny Joe with all the wires and tubes hooked up to him squirming and kicking inside his incubator. The only thing that kept me from totally losing it was that Joe is younger than Charlie (30 weeks compared to 33 weeks) and I likely won't be involved in any shootouts between now and November 2nd. Still, it was about the saddest thing I've ever seen. Fortunately Ryan was there and I don't cry at TV shows in front of him (in fact the only emotion he's seen out of me recently is scary preggo-rage, usually directed at other drivers or my clothes, which fit differently every day and are all summery and it's the freakin' end of September but what's the point of buying fall clothes I can only wear for another 6 weeks?!).In lighter news... I've sort of been cleared to go on to the second portion of my exam, the "oral exam" which is like a defense of my proposal which means I didn't totally suck on the written portion of the exam. I say "sort of" because one of my committee members hasn't responded yet, but my advisor J doesn't know if he will or not and said not to worry about it.In even lighter news... A yummy local sandwich shop that opened recently is selling sandwiches for $0.99 for their grand opening. Mmm, turkey and bacon.

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