Friday, September 29, 2006


Last night I was feeling cranky (translation, started crying when Ryan suggested I go lie down and relax) and overwhelmed by a number of things, for example the house looks and smells like a Superfund site because Ryan and I have been working like crazy trying to get things buttoned up at school before November 2 when Charlie will probably arrive. So after dinner (waffles with powdered sugar) when I was paralyzed by hella-seasonal allergies and a Benedryl hangover and general intimidation by all things baby and school Ryan talked me into going for a nice relaxing swim before ER came on at 9. Never mind that it was about 60 degrees outside and they haven't put the roof on the pool for the winter yet and did I mention it was almost dark? "Go change, I'll drive" he said as he handed me my swimsuit. Anyway, despite all the whining and extra dramatic fake shivering, I'm really glad I went. It felt good to be in the water and doing something useful and I swam extra fast to keep warm, so it was a really good workout and I know it helped me sleep better last night. I included some pictures Ryan took of me swimming the other day (last week sometime).

Speaking of ER... I am SO GLAD they finally gave us some closure on the baby-Joe story. I almost lost it when they showed the empty crib at the end of the episode but when they showed Abby holding the baby in the rocking chair nearby I almost leapt off the couch with joy (haha like I could leap).After yesterday morning, I decided to stop using my alarm clock for the rest of the pregnancy because really, my body knows how much sleep it needs and there is no changing its mind. It's pointless to get up before I'm ready because it only results in zero concentration ability and an urgent need to get back in bed as soon as possible that makes it impossible to get anything done (not to mention making me incredibly cranky and no fun to be around). This morning I got up around 8 and am feeling great. J, my advisor, asked me to do some things for him and that made me feel really good too (like the old days when I still had an ounce of self confidence and knew J didn't think I was a total poser, i.e. before WEMITE and dissertation topic trainwrecks). So now off to make some small changes in my proposal and then to tackle the house.

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