Friday, September 1, 2006


So apparently there are some inhomogeneities in the level of customer service provided by the Traffic and Parking office. After the administrator of my department made a phone call to see what I would need to bring to get my permit, I got a note from my doctor's office with my due date and went back up there. The guy who helped me this time smiled at me and said "Oh good! Let me go get the guy who handles these" and then went away for a few minutes. When he came back he said "This is going to take us a few minutes, why don't you have a seat and when it's ready we'll bring it out to you." What an enormous contrast to the lady who "helped" me yesterday morning by saying in a bored voice "Note from your doctor and we only do the last four weeks" as she scrutinized the backs of her hands. Obviously she doesn't realize she lives in a state known for it's friendliness.My permit is great. I can park in any timed parking space for as long as I need and in any visitor space. That means that this morning when it was raining, I could park right in front of the building. And yesterday when there were no close spaces at the rec (and by close I mean within several hundred yards) I could park in one of the timed parking spaces by the pool.This afternoon we go to Austin for a visit with my family and some friends of ours and their kids. I'm really excited!

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