Thursday, September 21, 2006

Mush Hour

How is it that I leave my house every morning in a happy, friendly mood and by the time I get to work I am swearing at other drivers and making idle threats about quitting school and getting the heck out of this city because it seems to have a higher-than-average population of stupid people who want to hurt me with their cars? Did I mention that my commute is only 8 minutes long? Did I mention I'm only allowed a certain amount of caffeine and I have to leave it for the afternoon because if I don't have that to look forward to all hell breaks loose at work? Here is an inventory of this morning's idiocy:1. a BLOCK FROM MY HOUSE: An electrician in a pick-up truck tailgated me for several blocks despite the fact that we were STILL IN MY NEIGHBORHOOD and I was trying to humor him by going 31 instead of 30.2. Two incidents where people crossed six lanes of traffic just so they could drive 10 mph under the speed limit directly in front of me3. Then I got stuck behind "THE GUY WHO CAN'T READ THE NO LEFT TURN SIGN AND INSISTS ON SITTING IN THE MIDDLE OF THE INTERSECTION WITH HIS SIGNAL ON FOR FORTY-FIVE MINUTES UNTIL THERE IS A BREAK". He seemed confused by the crazy pregnant person who was honking at him the whole time. Probably thinking "Geez what a bitch, I'm just trying to make a left." I got stuck behind him yesterday too. I either have to be behind this guy or I have to go another way that I like to call "the Road Construction Free-for-All of Death" where the road workers have painted really ambiguous looking lines that disappear when the sun is at a certain angle and no one knows where to go so everyone tries to merge into eachother and it's a huge honking swearing dangerous mess. That's the way I have to go to get to church, interestingly. I've always wondered if I'd end up sitting next to "the guy who nearly killed me on the way here" in church.Anyway, I'm here now in one piece. Today we have an appointment to meet with a potential pediatrician. I'm supposed to have come up with a bunch of interview questions like his thoughts on vaccines and breast feeding to "make sure our child-rearing philosophies are in line", but really I'm just going to make sure he speaks English, has an MD, and has some interesting grown-up magazines in the waiting room. There's a Sonic across the street from his office, so he's already in the "good" column on our list (of two pediatricians recommended by our friends). I think I'll open with something light like "Can I hold the nurse's hand when you give Charlie his shots?" or "When should we start him on coffee?" I wonder why people find me scary this trimester.I got so hungry today I ate my squash casserole at 10:00. So if you work in my department and are wondering where the onion smell came from at 10:00 AM, that was me. I'm pregnant and I don't like my unpredictable appetite any more than you do. You can always send me on maternity leave early.

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