Tuesday, September 19, 2006

"Maybe something died in there."

Last night when I was getting ready for bed, I noticed a vague rotting smell coming from the closet where our air conditioner is installed. Ryan noticed it too, so he started taking apart the air conditioner to see if he could find a leak or evidence of water damage or something that would explain the smell. As he got each piece of the air-handler off, first the door, then the filter, the smell got worse and worse and eventually it was determined that the smell was coming from the area under the closet. Now it didn't smell like a vague musty smell anymore and I began to think that some large animal had crawled in there and died and was now rotting. Ryan put a rag in the closet to check for leaks and we ran the air conditioner to see if any water came out, but the only result of that exercise was that the smell was now being pumped all over the house. I was in the dead animal camp and Ryan was still in the water damage camp when he removed the grate leading to the duct under the closet where the smell seemed to be originating. I cautiously peered into the hole with a flashlight, expecting to see a pair of lifeless, beady little eyes looking back at me, but only saw a bunch of dust and the underside of our bathtub. The space went all the way back to our bathroom and the back wall of the house though so we couldn't see the whole area. The smell was completely unbearable by this point too. We tried to convince Rossby to go investigate the area by acting really excited by the hole and yelling "Squirrel! Squirrel!" He got really excited, but understandibly would not go in the scary, stinky hole. I think I heard him say "Get yo mama to go in that hole!" Anyway, we decided to wait until the morning and then call the guys with the "duct-cam" to come over and remove the dead mouse/squirrel/turkey/bear from under our air conditioner. But this morning the smell was gone. Not a trace. Ryan thinks it might have been related to running the dishwasher and the garbage disposal recently after doing a lot of cooking with onions. So I guess we'll lay off the onions for a little while and see what happens.I made a casserole last night out of one of the squash I picked in my garden. The squash was giant, I cut it into small cubes and it made just over four cups, which was what I needed for the recipe. Something about that $1 a bag Lowe's top soil!

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