Tuesday, September 5, 2006

In Magic Happyland...

Ever since I was pumped so full of sugar water that my hair got sweaty in my sleep and I got 20 almost consecutive hours of sleep I've been living in a place I'll call "Magic Happyland". In Magic Happyland I can't remember why I was so angry all the time before and it takes me nearly an hour to drink a cup of iced tea or eat a medium sized coffee shop cookie. When I'm driving in Magic Happyland the roads are oddly clear of stupid people who want to kill me and Charlie with their cars and the lights are all green. In Magic Happyland it doesn't matter that I have no impulse control because I'm about as mellow as a pot-addicted yoga instructor. I love Magic Happyland. I wish I could stay.I went to the pool today and swam 500 yds (in Magic Happyland it didn't matter that this took almost twice as long as normal). Then I got out and changed and went inside to weigh myself. Remember from a previous post that Dr. O told me to "watch the weight gain". Apparently during the almost two days I couldn't eat the baby was using my legs for food (sort of like those chalky things you put in the fish tank when you're going to be out of town for the weekend). I weigh just SEVEN POUNDS more than my pre-preg weight. That's a loss of 20 pounds in THREE DAYS. Dr. O is not going to be happy. I, on the other hand, am going to make a million dollars. This is gonna be bigger than South Beach! In theory I could use this as an opportunity to regain some of the weight with healthy food choices like lean protein and vegetables and not foods that make me happy like half a pan of brownies with a side of popcorn chicken. Sigh, I guess I should work on setting a good example anyway. I'm going to try to make turkey meat loaf tonight!

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