Wednesday, September 6, 2006

I'm about to be evicted from Magic Happyland...

...because I'm getting tired again and I'm starting to notice how bad my back hurts again and my appetite is coming back and I drove out to my far-away office today with great purpose but then forgot why I came here once I walked in the door. And I'm starting to notice that people are annoying again. For example the loud talker sitting next to me at the coffee shop this morning at whom I was tempted to yell "DO YOU REALLY THINK YOU NEED ANOTHER CUP OF COFFEE?!" And I'm about one kick in the ribs away from stress-eating an entire box of pink frosted sugar cookies.And there is one week left until my exam and all I have to say is I'm glad I was too doped up over the weekend (see previous post "Sweetwater") to realize that or I really would have lost it by now. Here's a question; last night I told Ryan I'm going to strive to eat one medium coffee shop sized cookie per day as a treat and not have any other sweets. Is a week before the qualifying exam really the best time to try limit the refined carbs? Especially when I'm already so grouchy all the time?I'd write more but everything is driving me crazy and I think I should go home right now before I lose a lot of friends.

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