Monday, September 18, 2006

Home Improvement

This weekend Ryan and I realized the dangers of going to Lowe's on a Saturday when you are bored. Now that "the big crappy" (the event formerly known as my qualifying exam) is over, I found myself with some free time on the weekend, so Ryan and I went to Lowe's to buy some fall plants to put in our front garden. While we were there, Ryan said "let's go look at new lights for the kitchen while we're here." One-hundred dollars later we left the proud owners of one new kitchen light fixture, one new ceiling fan for the family room (well it had to match the kitchen light! Plus anyone who has been to our house when the old fan was turned on knows that it's no fun to watch TV while being blasted by the prop wash of the C-130 hanging from our ceiling. And I think if Ryan hit his head on the too-low fan one more time he was going to rip it right out of the ceiling), and no plants. We installed the kitchen light first. It replaces a small ceiling fan (the fan part didn't work) that had a frosted glass single-bulb light with a flower and harvest theme painted on it in brown. The new light has two bulbs and is all white and hangs in such a way that it shines light all over the kitchen. You could land airplanes in our kitchen now. It's scary how much dirt there was in our kitchen that I just couldn't see. Next we unpacked the ceiling fan from its box. By this time it was 2:00 and we hadn't had lunch yet (and you know how I get when I'm hungry) so we took a short break to go to Sonic (the only option when you've postponed lunch that long and have nothing in the house). On full stomachs we had a really good time installing the fan. At one point, I was holding the fan up close to the ceiling so Ryan could connect all the wires when he said we had to switch places because there was something he couldn't reach. That led to both of us holding up the fan over our heads with both hands, belly to belly, me holding several small screws in my mouth for Ryan, Ryan holding a screwdriver in his mouth, trying to negotiate the transfer of the really heavy fan with a series of head gestures and "hmm mmm mmph" comments, and trying not to laugh hysterically. Try it sometime. Like the kitchen light, the new fan is a HUGE improvement. For one thing, it hangs down NINE fewer inches than the old fan (Ryan took great delight in walking back and forth under the new fan without being decapitated) and unlike the old fan it is not capable of blowing dishes off of the table on its lowest speed. If anyone has need for either of the old fans, you can have them, just leave a comment.Time to start preparing for Big Crappy Part II, which will be next week (the 26th).

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