Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Charlie the Defensive Something-or-other

Since my last post about Charlie's estimated weight people keep telling me what a great football player he's going to be. I think that would be great, except that last I checked being a football player required athletic ability and I don't think Ryan will mind me saying that Charlie's not going to get athletic ability from either of his parents. And I just can't picture myself as a football mom. I'm more likely to say "Have a nice game, sweetie!" than scream "HIT HIM! HIT HIM! TAKE HIM DOWWWWWWWN!!! AUGHHHHH!" from the stands as I dump my tray of nachos on the person in front of me. I could totally see my friend A doing this. She's the one pushing the football thing the hardest. She talks about getting him ready for something all the NFL players go to before the season to get ready. Don't get me wrong, it's not that I won't enjoy watching him play. I'll be out there for every game, wearing a t-shirt with his number on it, through all kinds of weather, making cookies for the team bake sale, and Febreezing all his equipment when he comes home. And if he plays for Tech I'll paint my entire body red and black and go to the game in a swimsuit (maybe I should rethink that once I see just what he's done to my body!) I love watching football, but I've never known any of the players. And I've never had a biologically induced compulsion to protect another human being before (My friend S once said in a frightening deadpan tone, shortly after the birth of her daughter "I know I could kill a dog with my bare hands if he threatened my baby")....Contextual Note: "OK creepy professor looking guy, stop staring at me... haven't you ever seen a pregnant person half-laying on a couch in a coffee shop with a laptop before?"...Anyway... I have no concluding thoughts on this issue. Hopefully he'll enjoy soccer, or track, or want to play the piano. I'll be behind him no matter what.

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