Monday, September 11, 2006


This morning's ultrasound revealed that, like many strangers have been so kind to tell me, we have a very big baby on our hands. Charlie's estimated weight is 4.5 pounds at 31 weeks which is a little alarming considering he could gain a half pound a week from now until when he is born. The average 31 week old baby weighs 3.3 pounds, a 36% difference! That would put him at 9 pounds at birth if he goes to the due date. He was breach during the first part of the exam (head up) but had flipped over by the second part of the exam. When he was breach his head was up against the right side of my rib cage, which explains all the pressure I've been feeling in that area (finally). I sat up on the table between the two parts of the exam and felt a lot of pressure and then a sort of kick in the stomach, so I'm wondering if that's when he was flipping over. They checked his heart and brain, too, and everything looks good. Because he is Shaq-baby we get an extra ultrasound in six weeks to make sure he's not too huge for delivery!My friend J threw me a wonderful baby shower yesterday. She thought of everything--she made a tiered cake out of diapers, she made white chocolate candy in little shapes like feet and baby carriages, she decorated the back yard, and she planned fun games for everyone. The food was delicious and her neighbor made a beautiful (and very tasty) cake. My wonderful friends were very generous and Charlie is already quite well outfitted with toys and clothes and baby lotion and baby wash and cozy blankets. My friend S crocheted a beautiful blanket in blues and dark purple that is cozy and soft and goes perfectly with the colors we've put in the nursery. I was totally overwhelmed by everyone's kindness. When I got everything home, Ryan and I laid everything out in the nursery and oohed and ahhed and thought about Charlie and how excited we are to meet him. We are so lucky to have such a wonderful family of friends here.This morning starting around 6:00 we had strong thunderstorms in our area. Rossby welcomed the thunder in his usual way and the power went off and on a couple of times. It is really really good that we are getting so much rain this month. It rained hard for several hours and where we live that means flooding and nutty drivers. In front of the doctor's office there was a river flowing across the street, across a park area, and into a large pond. Where the river met the pond it looked like someone had their thumb over the end of a hose and there were about fifteen or twenty egrets playing in the spray. The would take turns flying in and out of the spraying water. The rest stood at the sides of the river and watched. When we left the house, we left Rossby outside because we thought the rain would be ending soon. During our appointment, though, another thunderstorm came through. I cringed at every loud clap of thunder thinking of poor Rossby, who is terrified of thunder and usually rides out storms under the covers in our bed, soaking wet and scared and alone. After the appointment we went home to bring him inside. He was totally soaked and covered in mud. The back door was covered in muddy streaks from his paws. Ryan wrapped him in a towel and carried him inside and gave him a bath. He's inside now, no doubt sleeping off his big ordeal.

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