Thursday, August 10, 2006


Ryan and I had our first childbirth class last night. We had to go around the room and introduce ourselves and say what we liked most and least about being pregnant. The first lady said "I love everything about being pregnant". I was barely able to conceal my eye rolling and snickering. Thank goodness everyone else's answers were more in line with mine: "I llike feeling him move, I dislike everything else." When forced to come up with something specific for "everything else" I came up with "I hate having to limit my caffeine intake." The instructor didn't like that at all and practically threatened me by saying "Well you're going to have to do that while you're breastfeeding too." I felt like saying "Well I can do anything as long as I don't have to give up my Scotch" but I felt Ryan's eyes burning into the back of my head and thought better of it.After the introductions we watched a scary video about childbirth. All the women featured in the video had their babies with no drugs. At the beginning they were calmly doing breathing exercises like "who who heee" with their husbands. But by the end it sounded like someone was trying to rip one of their legs off. I looked over at Ryan a few times and his eyes were wide with awe and fascination. I almost bit right through my tongue. I'd write more about the video but I still can't even think about it.The best part of the class was the tour of the Women's Hospital. We got to see the room where the baby will be born and all the equipment they use to make sure he's doing ok. The room has nice big windows and comfy chairs for your helpers. They even have wireless internet so Ryan and I can get some work done while we're waiting. ;) They took us to see the rooms where we will stay for a few nights after he is born. We got to see the nursery where they keep the babies while the mamas are resting. The nurse went in and held up a baby to the window for all of us to look at. He was so small, only a few hours old, but he had been cleaned up and wrapped in a purple blanket. He was wearing a hat with a big purple pom-pom on top (much cuter than the baby on the video... he looked like ET, although I'm sure once he was wiped down he looked a lot better). I had a nice dream last night about holding our baby in the purple blanket and the little hat. I was getting ready to take him to a Tech football game. Can't wait can't wait can't wait!!

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