Saturday, August 26, 2006

TTU Aquatic Center is MAGICAL

I've been avoiding the pool all week because the last time I went was really disappointing and I've pretty much just felt like a giant slug and didn't want to put on, let alone be seen in, my swimsuit. But I went today because all my underpants are too tight and I don't really want to have to buy more for the last trimester (especially because it might require a trip to a special store where they discretely sell underpants in sizes larger than can be found in a regular store) and holy cow what a difference! An hour in the magic pool and I almost feel like a normal person again. Not only did I swim three times what I swam the last time I worked out, the guy in the next lane asked me what TEAM I used to swim for and then complimented me on my efficient breast stroke! I had already finished my 800 yd workout when that happened but I tacked on another 100 yds of "efficient breaststroke" because I was feeling a little bit proud of myself. So whoever you are, THANK YOU, even if you were lying. Because lying to a pregnant person is ok if it makes her exercise a little more and puts a spring in her step (or waddle).

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