Tuesday, August 8, 2006

Preparing for Extreme Humiliation

I had a meeting with my advisor this morning where we discussed the progress I'm making on my proposal and made plans for my upcoming qualifying exam. These meetings seldom motivate me to do anything other than curl up on my couch with Rossby, turn off the lights, and put a quilt over my head. As I was leaving I said "So I guess I should start preparing myself for extreme humiliation?" and he said (seriously) "Yeah, that's a good idea." IS ALL OF THIS REALLY NECESSARY? I realize that they want to make it as hard as possible to get a Ph.D. to preserve their own status as "smarter than everyone else", but do they really think that if they make the process a teeny bit less intimidating there will be a deluge of mediocre students who want to give up four years of their lives to earn $15000 a year, live on caffeine and fast food, and spend every waking moment studying? Where are all those idiots who partied across the street from my rent house three nights a week now? They're out-earning me, driving a nicer car than me, and NOT STUDYING RIGHT NOW I can tell you that!Alright, I would like to continue venting, but I have to make the third set of revisions on my proposal that I thought was done a month ago so I can stand up in front of my committee in early September while they do their best to reduce me to a miserable puddle on the floor. Maybe I can fake early labor and make them feel really really bad if it gets too out of control. Sigh.

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