Tuesday, August 22, 2006

My butt hurts

I rode a bike today. It's not specifically forbidden in any of the baby books and I had to get from Ryan's building to the bookstore coffee shop thing by the library and I had my backpack loaded down with my laptop and books and didn't feel like taking the long boring walk with no one to talk to, so I borrowed my bike back from Ryan (who is borrowing it because his has a flat). Did I mention I'm wearing a skirt? The best way I found to ride the bike was to pedal a little to get some momentum, and then use the pedals to push up and take some of the weight off my (always sore) butt while I coasted.I think I must be growing at some freakish rate right now because every time I see someone I haven't seen in a couple of days their eyes widen when I walk into the room. Then they say something thoughtful like "Woah!" or "The baby is growing FAST". If I didn't get so darn bored I'd stay home altogether. Maybe I'll start wearing my old shirts. They don't quite cover my belly and maybe if they caught a glimpse of my stretched out laparoscopy scar and the four or five dark hairs that have grown around my belly button people wouldn't be as inclined to stare. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know I shouldn't be so cynical because they're just trying to show interest, but you try to endure people staring at you and making comments about your appearance when you already feel like Jaba the Hut in stretchy pants (with slightly less impulse control)!Ryan's uncle and cousin have been staying with us. His cousin is starting at Tech in a few days. She is really really cool and I'm excited about getting to know her. She'll be majoring in nursing. I told her to come over whenever she needed to play with a dog or have a real meal or do laundry. She offered to babysit too! I wanted to say "So the due date is November 11th... are you free on the 12th?"

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