Sunday, August 13, 2006

Let's get ready to rumble!!!!!

Like I mentioned in my last post, I met my parents and sister and brother-in-law this weekend for the wedding of the daughter of a family friend's and her new husband, who is a semi-professional wrestler. I thought the wrestling thing might come up during the wedding, but was still surprised to see a full sized wrestling ring set up outside the reception hall. The groomsmen were in tuxes, but several of them were obviously wrestlers (indicated by haircuts and piercings), including the officiant. The bride and all of her bridesmaids looked beautiful and the ceremony was very nice. It was outside next to a lake in a pavillion decorated with flowers. Afterward we had a buffet lunch and cake in a reception hall facing the lake which was beautifully decorated with candles and white table cloths. After the reception, my family and I were getting ready to leave when in came the groom, all the groomsmen, and the officient dressed in their wrestling suits to give us all a little demonstration. I don't know about you but nothing says committment and eternal love like the groom (with "APOC", short for apocolypse, printed on his butt) picking up the officient and slamming him to the ground, while all along the bride stands by cheering him on in her beautiful dress. It was truly bizarre. But what can you do? I guess it made them happy and fit their visions of a perfect wedding. So more power to 'em. Ryan asked "Was it weird when my quartet sang at our wedding?" I replied "Of course not, everyone loved it... and I couldn't see your nipples."We also had a great time visiting Ryan's family over dinner that night. Now I am back home and back to studying (or back to staring blankly at study materials while thinking about how great it would have been if I had gone to work after graduation instead of grad school).Tomorrow I should have pictures of the wedding posted at

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