Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Late Night "Roller" Derby

Last night was the first night I noticed how hard it is to roll over in bed, although it's been going on for a while I'm sure. It really sucks, esp because I have to roll over a lot. The procedure goes like this:
1. Sit up completely
2. Lift butt off the bed by pushing up with hands
2a. Aggravate sore back, swear under breath
3. Swing hips in desired direction
4. Lay back down
5. Locate leg pillow, adjust
6. Locate arm pillow, adjust
7. Resettle awake and annoyed puppy
8. Get husband back to his side of the bed with (first) passive agressive taps on the arms and (second) horomone induced threats that I don't really mean
9. Brain decides "F#$% sleep, would rather obsess about upcoming exam, post-baby family visit schedule, diaper bag selection, and the fact that husbands arm is a quarter of an inch across the 'demilitarized zone'"
10. Cry

You can imagine how much fun I am to live with right now.

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