Monday, August 21, 2006

Fourier and husband transforms

I'm really enjoying watching Ryan transform into a papa. On Saturday he fixed my car's air conditioner by re-soldering one of the wires on a connector that is responsible for turning on and off the A/C. I'm so amazed by his patience. I would have thrown up my hands a long time ago. But, the A/C works better than it has worked all summer now. Last night Ryan gently and patiently pulled a tick off Rossby's head. He talked Rossby through the whole thing: "I know it hurts buddy, but it has to come out, I'm really sorry!" I'll stop there so if any of Ryan's friends are reading this I don't embarrass him, but I could go on and on.Last night I was awakened by a nice thunderstorm (and Rossby barking at the thunder. Mr. Tough Guy spent most of the storm in bed with us under the covers). We probably got between 3 and 4 tenths of an inch of rain. It was a good rain too, the kind that floats the mulch out of the garden and leaves it all over the front walk and covers the road with leaves and sticks. I am celebrating the cool, cloudy morning with a cafe au lait at the coffee shop; normally I don't drink hot drinks until well into September.Me and Johnny and Billy are going to get back to studying (that's Johnny Cash and Billy Joel on the iPod, haha gotcha!). Have a good Monday!

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