Thursday, August 31, 2006

Did I not limp convincingly enough?

This morning I went to the Traffic and Parking office to get my Expectant Mother Parking permit. According to their website, they issue permits starting at 28 weeks of pregnancy and they work with each student according to their needs. The person that I talked to once I had waddled in from the parking lot said they only issue these permits for the LAST MONTH of pregnancy. Apparently their website is designed to lure pregnant people in at week 30 just to crush their hopes when they finally get there. I responded in the most mature fashion allowed by my current horomone state--I flipped off the building and started crying once I got outside. Now that I've had some tea and a scone this post is a lot less scary-angry than the one I had cooked up in my head on the way here.Last night was childbirth class again. When we arrived, life sized newborn dolls had been laid out on each desk along with a receiving blanket and a diaper. The first three classes were dedicated to the delivery, and this class and the next two are about what you do with the baby once he's born. They had us practice putting on the diaper a few times I guess so if anyone was having trouble figuring out what to do with the diaper the instructor could make a preemptive phone call to CPS.Today I'm hoping my workout goes better than yesterday's in which I drove to the pool, noticed there were no close parking places, and then went home to watch Dr. Phil (hope you're happy traffic and parking jerks).

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