Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Damn it feels good to be a gangsta' (with a giant pink duckie purse)

Diaper bags fall into FOUR categories:1. diaper bags that are festooned with cartoon characters, baby animals, duckies, or, most nauseating of them all, Dora the Explorer2. diaper bags that are designed for a monthlong trip through the wilderness3. diaper bags that are specifically designed to not look like diaper bags (these usually look like giant insulated lunch boxes and are made out of something pretty and fashion forward like navy blue or black nylon)4. diaper bags that cost more than $150I propose we add a fifth category: Affordable diaper bags that look like something an adult woman would carry. Call me crazy, but I just don't think I'm going to need something large enough to carry around the entire Costco size canister of Similac (which is actually something I saw on a recent trip to Home Depot... this chick pulled out the huge container of formula and prepared a bottle right there in the carpet department) especially because if all goes according to plan we're not going to use formula. My dear friend Heather, who is the most practical person I know and has two wonderful kids, said she never used a diaper bag, she just got a big purse and kept a few things in that. I would love to follow her lead, but we will be using childcare a few times a week and I guess they like you to leave some diapers and food with the baby (sort of like when you take your cat on the airplane and they make you provide food and water for it). The purse idea also presents problems if Ryan wants to take the baby out by himself (as in "I think Mama needs a little break, let's go to the park until she can retract her claws and come down from the top of the refrigerator"). He's not metro enough (nor would I want him to be) to carry a "murse" (that's a man-purse). If you have overcome this particular problem, please leave a comment, I'd love your input. However, helpful comments like "Wait until you see that little baby, you'll be so in love you'll be willing to carry around an entire set of Dora the Explorer/Superman/Teletubies luggage just so his little bottom isn't uncomfortable for even one second" will not be well received and are best avoided until I'm allowed to have alcohol again (or at least regain a socially acceptable level of impulse control).A friend gave me a link to this great website with some dead-on thoughts on pregnancy. That's where I got the ticker below and if you click on it you will go to the website.

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