Monday, August 14, 2006

Bigfoot Sighting

Ever play that game where you get the big padded mallot and hit the little plastic gophers on the head every time they pop out of their holes? At the beginning of the game, one gopher pops out at a time and you think "wow, this is cake!" but towards the end they start coming out two or three at a time and making little taunting noises and you're swinging the mallot like crazy but there's no way you can possibly hit all of them (unless you cheat and enlist the help of a partner). Now that I'm moving into the third trimester, pregnancy symptoms are starting to remind me of the gopher game. Last night I finally found a way to (temporarily) get rid of the bad back pain I've been having and this morning I woke up and my feet were huge! OK maybe not huge, but swollen enough that they look like fat infant feet with no bones in them. I guess this is the last step in the transition from my normal body to something out of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade that has been working it's way down my body since March. Today I am going to go back to the pool (which was closed last week for repairs) because everyone says exercise is the best way to relieve preg symptoms. Unfortunately I've been forbidden to take part in the one thing proven to relieve grad-school-stress-induced anger disorder symptoms (beer of course) so let's all raise a glass of non-caffeinated low-sugar all-natural fruit juice to my qualifying exam!

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