Monday, August 7, 2006

Baby Pinball

Today I had my blood glucose/diabetes screening which meant that before my appointment I had to drink a bottle of this sticky stuff that is supposed to be like orange soda. The liquid, according to the label on the bottle, has one ingredient--sugar. The baby's activity level is related to my blood sugar (so he moves around a lot after meals, etc) and by the time the appointment started 15 minutes after I finished the "orange soda" he was having a great time dancing and kicking and flipping (literally "bouncing off the walls"). The doctor had a really hard time finding his heartbeat because he wouldn't stay in one place for long enough. Ryan and the doctor could see him moving around and bouncing off the insides of my belly and I could feel it. Every time I felt a kick it corresponded with a loud noise on the Doppler. Finally the doctor was able to get about 10 seconds of heartbeat data and everything looks good.There are only 14 weeks left and the baby is now viable, meaning that if he was born today he could survive with a lot of help. So now his job is to get stronger and bigger every day. The doctor said it's time to start thinking about delivery options (I used to think there were only two, and which one was used was determined by need, but I guess it's not that simple). She said to think about whether we would want to have him induced early by a week or two if everything was ready. I wanted to reply with an enthusiastic "Let's do that!" and then kiss her on the mouth, but I thought I should talk it over with Ryan first (plus I can't really move that fast right now). The only downside to the inducing early plan is that I might not make it to Halloween so I wouldn't get to participate in the "Hollywood Starlet Halloween Party" that we are planning. It's too bad too because I would have made an awesome pregnant Brittany.

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