Friday, August 4, 2006

0.12" of Pure Fun

It rained! Last night/this morning at 12:30 I was awakened by thunder. I stumbled out of our bedroom to find Ryan and Rossby curled up on the living room couch watching the spectacle out the front window. I don't remember the last time it really rained in Lubbock; we have about half the climatological average for the year right now, so this is really good news. The mesonet stations in town and out at Reese reported 0.11" and 0.13" respectively so I'm estimating we received about 0.12" because our house is about midway between the two. Rossby marked the occasion by barking at the lightning and thunder. In his mind, the tripods from War of the Worlds were threatening his family. Must be tough to weigh 19 pounds.This morning after dropping Ryan off I came to our new favorite coffee shop to have a nice breakfast of iced tea and a chocolate chip scone. The coffee shop is in this little neighborhood near school where people still walk around outside and ride bikes. It has nice big windows, so it's a great place to people watch. From where I sit I can see a lady with a parrot on her shoulder (she arrived on a bike, the parrot must have strong feet), several iPod-wearing nouveau hippies huddled over laptops (apparently the target demographic of this coffee shop; hmmm, wait a minute), and a guy leaning against the wall at the grocery store across the street smoking a cigarette and drinking--a pint of milk.Next stop is home to relearn everything from my wind engineering class, do laundry, and make myself a little more presentable for my parents visit (i.e. change into clothes that did not come out of the dirty-clothes this morning). Who knows, maybe I'll go nuts and shave my legs!

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