Thursday, August 31, 2006

Did I not limp convincingly enough?

This morning I went to the Traffic and Parking office to get my Expectant Mother Parking permit. According to their website, they issue permits starting at 28 weeks of pregnancy and they work with each student according to their needs. The person that I talked to once I had waddled in from the parking lot said they only issue these permits for the LAST MONTH of pregnancy. Apparently their website is designed to lure pregnant people in at week 30 just to crush their hopes when they finally get there. I responded in the most mature fashion allowed by my current horomone state--I flipped off the building and started crying once I got outside. Now that I've had some tea and a scone this post is a lot less scary-angry than the one I had cooked up in my head on the way here.Last night was childbirth class again. When we arrived, life sized newborn dolls had been laid out on each desk along with a receiving blanket and a diaper. The first three classes were dedicated to the delivery, and this class and the next two are about what you do with the baby once he's born. They had us practice putting on the diaper a few times I guess so if anyone was having trouble figuring out what to do with the diaper the instructor could make a preemptive phone call to CPS.Today I'm hoping my workout goes better than yesterday's in which I drove to the pool, noticed there were no close parking places, and then went home to watch Dr. Phil (hope you're happy traffic and parking jerks).

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Late Night "Roller" Derby

Last night was the first night I noticed how hard it is to roll over in bed, although it's been going on for a while I'm sure. It really sucks, esp because I have to roll over a lot. The procedure goes like this:
1. Sit up completely
2. Lift butt off the bed by pushing up with hands
2a. Aggravate sore back, swear under breath
3. Swing hips in desired direction
4. Lay back down
5. Locate leg pillow, adjust
6. Locate arm pillow, adjust
7. Resettle awake and annoyed puppy
8. Get husband back to his side of the bed with (first) passive agressive taps on the arms and (second) horomone induced threats that I don't really mean
9. Brain decides "F#$% sleep, would rather obsess about upcoming exam, post-baby family visit schedule, diaper bag selection, and the fact that husbands arm is a quarter of an inch across the 'demilitarized zone'"
10. Cry

You can imagine how much fun I am to live with right now.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Watch it Chubby!

Everything went really well at my checkup yesterday. Dr. O measured my belly and listened to Charlie's heart and everything was as it should be. Dr. O said there's nothing we can do about the way Charlie uses my ribs as his own personal set of monkey bars, but when I told her I've been going through a bottle of Tums a week and having to sleep sitting up, etc she gave me a prescription for Nexium. If I was feeling creative, I would write a love song to my Nexium prescription. Here's a first draft:

Roses are Red
Violets are Blue
Nexium comes straight from Jesus

How many syllables does a haiku have again? So anyway, the appointment went really well until the end when I was waiting in the hall for the bathroom (why does an obstetrician's office have only ONE bathroom???). Dr. O took one last look at my chart and said to me "Ooh, be careful with that weight gain." That's what she said. What I heard was "Lay off the cookies, Chubby!" She said that I don't look like I've gained too much weight (except for my giant Buda belly, obviously) and asked me AND Ryan if I'm eating an abnormal amount of food (which I'm not) and said that since I'm working out regularly that she doesn't really understand it but not to worry about it. She said it'll come right off after delivery. Right. I love many things about Dr. O, but the fact that she has an 8 month old baby and is probably about a size 4 is not one of them. At any rate, the coffee shop has been out of scones for two days and I'm out of discretionary money for the month, so avoiding junk food isn't too bad right now. But on September 1, I think Ryan is going to find me sleeping on the floor in the family room, iPod blasting, surrounded by crumbs and an empty box of United Bakery chocolate chip cookies with a contented smile on my face.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

TTU Aquatic Center is MAGICAL

I've been avoiding the pool all week because the last time I went was really disappointing and I've pretty much just felt like a giant slug and didn't want to put on, let alone be seen in, my swimsuit. But I went today because all my underpants are too tight and I don't really want to have to buy more for the last trimester (especially because it might require a trip to a special store where they discretely sell underpants in sizes larger than can be found in a regular store) and holy cow what a difference! An hour in the magic pool and I almost feel like a normal person again. Not only did I swim three times what I swam the last time I worked out, the guy in the next lane asked me what TEAM I used to swim for and then complimented me on my efficient breast stroke! I had already finished my 800 yd workout when that happened but I tacked on another 100 yds of "efficient breaststroke" because I was feeling a little bit proud of myself. So whoever you are, THANK YOU, even if you were lying. Because lying to a pregnant person is ok if it makes her exercise a little more and puts a spring in her step (or waddle).

Friday, August 25, 2006

Is anyone else hot?

Although it's hard to detect because 98 degrees is hot whether you're pregnant or not, it seems that the horomone hot part of the pregnancy has kicked in. At least that's the conclusion I came to yesterday at teambuilding when I was wondering if it would be appropriate if I took off my shoes and socks while everyone else was huddled in their chairs shivering.Funny husband moment:Yesterday during a break I checked my phone and had two missed calls from Ryan, who was out of town for the day. I was worried something had gone wrong because of the two calls and because he almost never calls during the day. Concerned, I checked my voicemail and received this message: "Hi sweetie, I just wanted to ask you to please turn the thermostat up to the daytime temperature if you are at home or to please do it whenever you go home. Thanks!" I never thought of our electric bill as frantic phone call territory, but I guess Men are from know.Have I mentioned yet how SICK I am of studying? I just can't focus when my body is screaming FEED ME! LET ME REST!" I saw one of my professors from undergrad today and I told him when my due date and qualifying exam were and he said "Oh good so after your test you'll get some maternity leave?" I just smiled. I didn't want to say "No, after my test I work frantically up until my due date to get as much done as possible. Hell I might even take my laptop into the delivery room." Since I live on the verge of tears right now no matter what mood I am in I don't think I could have made it through the conversation if I'd told him the truth. And being that I had him for a couple of undergrad classes, this particular professor has already witnessed about five too many of my freakouts. I wonder if my doctor would put me on strict stress avoidance orders if she read my blog. Sort of like bed rest for your brain.Back to trying to concentrate. Whatever.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Why oh why...

Why did I not bring my backpack to work today? No backpack = no iPod = BORED. How am I supposed to read about Fast Fourier Transforms without my Johnny Cash? How am I supposed to shop online for diaper bags without my Black Eyed Peas (whoops, ignore that last one if you have anything to do with me graduating)? How could I have been so thoughtless? I looked right at my backpack and thought "I only need a few books, I don't need to bring that." Why why why?We had our third childbirth class last night and it was just plain delightful compared to the first two. The lady on this week's video had been given an epidural and unlike those crunchy exhibitionists on the first two, she was wearing a gown. She gave birth without a peep! And there was no "should I really be watching this" screaming and heavy breathing scene to build up to the big moment. I swear these videos must be manufactured by some kind of anesthesiologists' professional organization. We finished the class with breathing and relaxation practice again. This time we had to pretend we were pushing. The instructor emphasized "pretend" because she didn't want to start anything accidentally. I didn't even know that was possible!Anyway, that's all I have for you today because I should really get SOMETHING done today and I had to go to this team building thing this morning for school. How is leading someone else around in a blindfold going to make me a better student?

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Damn it feels good to be a gangsta' (with a giant pink duckie purse)

Diaper bags fall into FOUR categories:1. diaper bags that are festooned with cartoon characters, baby animals, duckies, or, most nauseating of them all, Dora the Explorer2. diaper bags that are designed for a monthlong trip through the wilderness3. diaper bags that are specifically designed to not look like diaper bags (these usually look like giant insulated lunch boxes and are made out of something pretty and fashion forward like navy blue or black nylon)4. diaper bags that cost more than $150I propose we add a fifth category: Affordable diaper bags that look like something an adult woman would carry. Call me crazy, but I just don't think I'm going to need something large enough to carry around the entire Costco size canister of Similac (which is actually something I saw on a recent trip to Home Depot... this chick pulled out the huge container of formula and prepared a bottle right there in the carpet department) especially because if all goes according to plan we're not going to use formula. My dear friend Heather, who is the most practical person I know and has two wonderful kids, said she never used a diaper bag, she just got a big purse and kept a few things in that. I would love to follow her lead, but we will be using childcare a few times a week and I guess they like you to leave some diapers and food with the baby (sort of like when you take your cat on the airplane and they make you provide food and water for it). The purse idea also presents problems if Ryan wants to take the baby out by himself (as in "I think Mama needs a little break, let's go to the park until she can retract her claws and come down from the top of the refrigerator"). He's not metro enough (nor would I want him to be) to carry a "murse" (that's a man-purse). If you have overcome this particular problem, please leave a comment, I'd love your input. However, helpful comments like "Wait until you see that little baby, you'll be so in love you'll be willing to carry around an entire set of Dora the Explorer/Superman/Teletubies luggage just so his little bottom isn't uncomfortable for even one second" will not be well received and are best avoided until I'm allowed to have alcohol again (or at least regain a socially acceptable level of impulse control).A friend gave me a link to this great website with some dead-on thoughts on pregnancy. That's where I got the ticker below and if you click on it you will go to the website.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

My butt hurts

I rode a bike today. It's not specifically forbidden in any of the baby books and I had to get from Ryan's building to the bookstore coffee shop thing by the library and I had my backpack loaded down with my laptop and books and didn't feel like taking the long boring walk with no one to talk to, so I borrowed my bike back from Ryan (who is borrowing it because his has a flat). Did I mention I'm wearing a skirt? The best way I found to ride the bike was to pedal a little to get some momentum, and then use the pedals to push up and take some of the weight off my (always sore) butt while I coasted.I think I must be growing at some freakish rate right now because every time I see someone I haven't seen in a couple of days their eyes widen when I walk into the room. Then they say something thoughtful like "Woah!" or "The baby is growing FAST". If I didn't get so darn bored I'd stay home altogether. Maybe I'll start wearing my old shirts. They don't quite cover my belly and maybe if they caught a glimpse of my stretched out laparoscopy scar and the four or five dark hairs that have grown around my belly button people wouldn't be as inclined to stare. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know I shouldn't be so cynical because they're just trying to show interest, but you try to endure people staring at you and making comments about your appearance when you already feel like Jaba the Hut in stretchy pants (with slightly less impulse control)!Ryan's uncle and cousin have been staying with us. His cousin is starting at Tech in a few days. She is really really cool and I'm excited about getting to know her. She'll be majoring in nursing. I told her to come over whenever she needed to play with a dog or have a real meal or do laundry. She offered to babysit too! I wanted to say "So the due date is November 11th... are you free on the 12th?"

Monday, August 21, 2006

Fourier and husband transforms

I'm really enjoying watching Ryan transform into a papa. On Saturday he fixed my car's air conditioner by re-soldering one of the wires on a connector that is responsible for turning on and off the A/C. I'm so amazed by his patience. I would have thrown up my hands a long time ago. But, the A/C works better than it has worked all summer now. Last night Ryan gently and patiently pulled a tick off Rossby's head. He talked Rossby through the whole thing: "I know it hurts buddy, but it has to come out, I'm really sorry!" I'll stop there so if any of Ryan's friends are reading this I don't embarrass him, but I could go on and on.Last night I was awakened by a nice thunderstorm (and Rossby barking at the thunder. Mr. Tough Guy spent most of the storm in bed with us under the covers). We probably got between 3 and 4 tenths of an inch of rain. It was a good rain too, the kind that floats the mulch out of the garden and leaves it all over the front walk and covers the road with leaves and sticks. I am celebrating the cool, cloudy morning with a cafe au lait at the coffee shop; normally I don't drink hot drinks until well into September.Me and Johnny and Billy are going to get back to studying (that's Johnny Cash and Billy Joel on the iPod, haha gotcha!). Have a good Monday!

Thursday, August 17, 2006

"You're gonna have a BIG baby!"

Ryan and I both are both a little flakey right now and my poor car is paying the price. You may remember from the last post that I left my door open all afternoon on Monday. Last night Ryan and I took a test drive/trip to the grocery store and this morning when I got out to my car, the driver's side window was wide open. I think the take-away lesson from these events is that our neighborhood is a lot safer than I give it credit for (or maybe there are just more lucrative theft targets than a 2000 Dodge Neon). I'm still glad my garage door opener remote is cleverly hidden.Last night we went to another childbirth class. The instructor, who had clearly forgotten our little exchange from last week, waved her Diet Dr. Pepper in front of the class and said "Wow, I'm sleepy, I need a caffeine fix and it's only 7:00 at night!" I emmitted a low growl while Ryan patted me reassuringly on the back and gave me his best "I know she's crazy, Sweetie, but let's keep it between us today, whaddaya say?" look.The class was structured much like last week's: a lecture about what to expect at the delivery and a terrifying 45 minute moan and scream filled video followed by a reward. This week's reward was the "relaxation techniques" activity. Part one: husband gives wife a long back rub, trying out different massage techniques so we can figure out what I like best. What I like best is being encouraged to go to my happy place while Ryan rubs my back, whatever the technique. After I tried out the techniques on Ryan we moved to the floor to practice combining the massage with the breathing (which I did because I was afraid if I didn't participate in the breathing Ryan would stop rubbing my back). I practically had to be carried to the car. It was GREAT.This morning at the coffee shop, the lady with the parrot asked me when the baby was due. I said "November" and smiled politely. Eyes wide, she said "Wow, you're going to have a BIG baby." I don't know what my face looked like but it must have been pretty funny because she instantly stammered "I mean, you look great!" Take note: if you can't think of what to say to a pregnant lady after you've asked about the due date, say something safe like "You must be so excited!" or "Do you know if it's a boy or a girl?" but stay away from comments about her appearance, positive or negative, unless you want to be the subject of a blog or incredulous phone call to her mother.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Earth Mama?

A friend emailed me a link to a cloth-diapering website. I never thought I was crunchy enough to want to use cloth diapers but this website has me convinced. There are several reasons (the technology has gotten pretty good with velcro and leak prevention), but one of the biggest is an article I read about running errands in town with your baby. The author was the first I've ever seen to lay out some commmon sense guidelines for what you actually need to take with you. She said to bring three diapers, wipes, a changing pad (and if you use cloth you can use a diaper as a changing pad), and an easy change of clothes for the baby (a onezie for example). Everything else I've seen makes preparing to run to the video store with your baby rival packing her for her freshman year of college--not only do you need diapers and wipes, but you also need a full set of clothes for the baby AND for you, toys, four or five bottles, an epi pen, snake bite kit, flares, etc. Don't get me wrong, I love carrying my backpack around at school loaded down with 30 lbs of books and folders, I just don't want to take its baby equivalent on a quick trip to the mall to return a pair of pants! The author's philosophy, which I might make my personal creedo, is "What's the worst that could happen? You have to go home?" Now I know that this personal philosophy could also be applied with disposable diapers, and maybe the best solution is to use cloth at home and disposable on trips, etc, but I identify with so much of what these mamas are saying, maybe I should give it a try. After all, the worst that could happen is I go back to disposables and will have spent a little more than normal on dust rags.Today's dilema is that I wore my cute new brown cordoroy skirt to the coffee shop and since my belly prevents me from crossing my legs in any kind of ladylike way I am struggling to find an appropriate sitting position. Maybe I should sit across the table so I'm facing the wall. Bigger question, who really cares?

Monday, August 14, 2006

Bigfoot Sighting

Ever play that game where you get the big padded mallot and hit the little plastic gophers on the head every time they pop out of their holes? At the beginning of the game, one gopher pops out at a time and you think "wow, this is cake!" but towards the end they start coming out two or three at a time and making little taunting noises and you're swinging the mallot like crazy but there's no way you can possibly hit all of them (unless you cheat and enlist the help of a partner). Now that I'm moving into the third trimester, pregnancy symptoms are starting to remind me of the gopher game. Last night I finally found a way to (temporarily) get rid of the bad back pain I've been having and this morning I woke up and my feet were huge! OK maybe not huge, but swollen enough that they look like fat infant feet with no bones in them. I guess this is the last step in the transition from my normal body to something out of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade that has been working it's way down my body since March. Today I am going to go back to the pool (which was closed last week for repairs) because everyone says exercise is the best way to relieve preg symptoms. Unfortunately I've been forbidden to take part in the one thing proven to relieve grad-school-stress-induced anger disorder symptoms (beer of course) so let's all raise a glass of non-caffeinated low-sugar all-natural fruit juice to my qualifying exam!

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Let's get ready to rumble!!!!!

Like I mentioned in my last post, I met my parents and sister and brother-in-law this weekend for the wedding of the daughter of a family friend's and her new husband, who is a semi-professional wrestler. I thought the wrestling thing might come up during the wedding, but was still surprised to see a full sized wrestling ring set up outside the reception hall. The groomsmen were in tuxes, but several of them were obviously wrestlers (indicated by haircuts and piercings), including the officiant. The bride and all of her bridesmaids looked beautiful and the ceremony was very nice. It was outside next to a lake in a pavillion decorated with flowers. Afterward we had a buffet lunch and cake in a reception hall facing the lake which was beautifully decorated with candles and white table cloths. After the reception, my family and I were getting ready to leave when in came the groom, all the groomsmen, and the officient dressed in their wrestling suits to give us all a little demonstration. I don't know about you but nothing says committment and eternal love like the groom (with "APOC", short for apocolypse, printed on his butt) picking up the officient and slamming him to the ground, while all along the bride stands by cheering him on in her beautiful dress. It was truly bizarre. But what can you do? I guess it made them happy and fit their visions of a perfect wedding. So more power to 'em. Ryan asked "Was it weird when my quartet sang at our wedding?" I replied "Of course not, everyone loved it... and I couldn't see your nipples."We also had a great time visiting Ryan's family over dinner that night. Now I am back home and back to studying (or back to staring blankly at study materials while thinking about how great it would have been if I had gone to work after graduation instead of grad school).Tomorrow I should have pictures of the wedding posted at

Thursday, August 10, 2006


Ryan and I had our first childbirth class last night. We had to go around the room and introduce ourselves and say what we liked most and least about being pregnant. The first lady said "I love everything about being pregnant". I was barely able to conceal my eye rolling and snickering. Thank goodness everyone else's answers were more in line with mine: "I llike feeling him move, I dislike everything else." When forced to come up with something specific for "everything else" I came up with "I hate having to limit my caffeine intake." The instructor didn't like that at all and practically threatened me by saying "Well you're going to have to do that while you're breastfeeding too." I felt like saying "Well I can do anything as long as I don't have to give up my Scotch" but I felt Ryan's eyes burning into the back of my head and thought better of it.After the introductions we watched a scary video about childbirth. All the women featured in the video had their babies with no drugs. At the beginning they were calmly doing breathing exercises like "who who heee" with their husbands. But by the end it sounded like someone was trying to rip one of their legs off. I looked over at Ryan a few times and his eyes were wide with awe and fascination. I almost bit right through my tongue. I'd write more about the video but I still can't even think about it.The best part of the class was the tour of the Women's Hospital. We got to see the room where the baby will be born and all the equipment they use to make sure he's doing ok. The room has nice big windows and comfy chairs for your helpers. They even have wireless internet so Ryan and I can get some work done while we're waiting. ;) They took us to see the rooms where we will stay for a few nights after he is born. We got to see the nursery where they keep the babies while the mamas are resting. The nurse went in and held up a baby to the window for all of us to look at. He was so small, only a few hours old, but he had been cleaned up and wrapped in a purple blanket. He was wearing a hat with a big purple pom-pom on top (much cuter than the baby on the video... he looked like ET, although I'm sure once he was wiped down he looked a lot better). I had a nice dream last night about holding our baby in the purple blanket and the little hat. I was getting ready to take him to a Tech football game. Can't wait can't wait can't wait!!

Wednesday, August 9, 2006

Best Husband in the World, Part II and the Hot Neon Shuffle

Thanks for all the concerned emails and IMs I received yesterday as a result of my last post. I'm sorry to have worried all of you. I am in much better spirits today. Last night a little after 10:00 I was lying in bed reading my new Glamour and feeling grouchy (see last post) and princessy because my back hurt (too much time in a coffee shop chair I guess) when Ryan walked by the bedroom door. "Ryan, do you want any pancakes?" I asked. "No thanks, but I'm going to make you some." he replied. 20 mins later I was eating yummy pancakes with lots of syrup and butter. How can I stay in a bad mood when I have such a great support system? Unexpected bonus: the syrup was enough to send the baby into pinball mode again, so Ryan got to see and feel him move some more.This morning on my way to work (OK, work at the coffee shop, but I promise I'll be working in just a few minutes) I think I witnessed the death-throes of my car's air conditioner. It's been "acting up" for a month or two now, doing things like not working well for a few minutes here and there and making my little Neon consume irresponsible amounts of gas. But this morning when I started down my street my car started bucking like I was fifteen again and learning how to drive a standard... but I was already in the correct gear, clutch out and cruising. I turned off the air conditioner (A reflex I learned during my years of driving my high school car that had to be coaxed through every stop sign and red light by turning off the air conditioner) and pushed in the clutch thinking I must have made some weird mistake attributable to my absentminded pregnancy state. But it did it again a little later in a different gear. And again a little later, and again while I was SITTING AT A RED LIGHT! By the time I got a block from the coffee shop, the bucking had settled down but the A/C had totally given up. The good news is that I am about to start getting WAY better gas mileage. The bad news is that I am going to have to start driving naked because it is hot hot hot right now. Anyone with any advice, (about my car, not your thoughts on me driving naked), please leave a comment.

Tuesday, August 8, 2006

Preparing for Extreme Humiliation

I had a meeting with my advisor this morning where we discussed the progress I'm making on my proposal and made plans for my upcoming qualifying exam. These meetings seldom motivate me to do anything other than curl up on my couch with Rossby, turn off the lights, and put a quilt over my head. As I was leaving I said "So I guess I should start preparing myself for extreme humiliation?" and he said (seriously) "Yeah, that's a good idea." IS ALL OF THIS REALLY NECESSARY? I realize that they want to make it as hard as possible to get a Ph.D. to preserve their own status as "smarter than everyone else", but do they really think that if they make the process a teeny bit less intimidating there will be a deluge of mediocre students who want to give up four years of their lives to earn $15000 a year, live on caffeine and fast food, and spend every waking moment studying? Where are all those idiots who partied across the street from my rent house three nights a week now? They're out-earning me, driving a nicer car than me, and NOT STUDYING RIGHT NOW I can tell you that!Alright, I would like to continue venting, but I have to make the third set of revisions on my proposal that I thought was done a month ago so I can stand up in front of my committee in early September while they do their best to reduce me to a miserable puddle on the floor. Maybe I can fake early labor and make them feel really really bad if it gets too out of control. Sigh.

Monday, August 7, 2006

Baby Pinball

Today I had my blood glucose/diabetes screening which meant that before my appointment I had to drink a bottle of this sticky stuff that is supposed to be like orange soda. The liquid, according to the label on the bottle, has one ingredient--sugar. The baby's activity level is related to my blood sugar (so he moves around a lot after meals, etc) and by the time the appointment started 15 minutes after I finished the "orange soda" he was having a great time dancing and kicking and flipping (literally "bouncing off the walls"). The doctor had a really hard time finding his heartbeat because he wouldn't stay in one place for long enough. Ryan and the doctor could see him moving around and bouncing off the insides of my belly and I could feel it. Every time I felt a kick it corresponded with a loud noise on the Doppler. Finally the doctor was able to get about 10 seconds of heartbeat data and everything looks good.There are only 14 weeks left and the baby is now viable, meaning that if he was born today he could survive with a lot of help. So now his job is to get stronger and bigger every day. The doctor said it's time to start thinking about delivery options (I used to think there were only two, and which one was used was determined by need, but I guess it's not that simple). She said to think about whether we would want to have him induced early by a week or two if everything was ready. I wanted to reply with an enthusiastic "Let's do that!" and then kiss her on the mouth, but I thought I should talk it over with Ryan first (plus I can't really move that fast right now). The only downside to the inducing early plan is that I might not make it to Halloween so I wouldn't get to participate in the "Hollywood Starlet Halloween Party" that we are planning. It's too bad too because I would have made an awesome pregnant Brittany.

Sunday, August 6, 2006

Ode to my iPod

I am so fortunate to live in a time where one can listen to Peter, Paul, and Mary, the Black Eyed Peas, and Johnny Cash at the coffee shop on a Sunday afternoon. I know it's a little late to be getting on the iPod bandwagon, but I was only recently able to pull together the $$ for what I thought, until recently, was a luxury item. I have since developed some symptoms of iPod addiction, for example extreme impatience with all radio stations and an overwhelming feeling of panic when the little battery symbol in the corner turns red and I don't have my uplink cable that requires me to stop what I'm doing immediately and go get the cable so I can feed my addiction, even if it's in another county. Perhaps the most insidious symptom of iPod addiction is the way I reply with an impatient "Pardon me?" as I hit the pause button every time someone tries to talk to me.Countdown to the qualifying exam: 25 days.Mini panic attacks occuring at inappropriate times: 3.Hours of studying today: 0.5.Preparation status: Poor.

Friday, August 4, 2006

0.12" of Pure Fun

It rained! Last night/this morning at 12:30 I was awakened by thunder. I stumbled out of our bedroom to find Ryan and Rossby curled up on the living room couch watching the spectacle out the front window. I don't remember the last time it really rained in Lubbock; we have about half the climatological average for the year right now, so this is really good news. The mesonet stations in town and out at Reese reported 0.11" and 0.13" respectively so I'm estimating we received about 0.12" because our house is about midway between the two. Rossby marked the occasion by barking at the lightning and thunder. In his mind, the tripods from War of the Worlds were threatening his family. Must be tough to weigh 19 pounds.This morning after dropping Ryan off I came to our new favorite coffee shop to have a nice breakfast of iced tea and a chocolate chip scone. The coffee shop is in this little neighborhood near school where people still walk around outside and ride bikes. It has nice big windows, so it's a great place to people watch. From where I sit I can see a lady with a parrot on her shoulder (she arrived on a bike, the parrot must have strong feet), several iPod-wearing nouveau hippies huddled over laptops (apparently the target demographic of this coffee shop; hmmm, wait a minute), and a guy leaning against the wall at the grocery store across the street smoking a cigarette and drinking--a pint of milk.Next stop is home to relearn everything from my wind engineering class, do laundry, and make myself a little more presentable for my parents visit (i.e. change into clothes that did not come out of the dirty-clothes this morning). Who knows, maybe I'll go nuts and shave my legs!

Thursday, August 3, 2006

Sleeping in a Rotisserie and the Little Storm that Couldn't

I feel like I sleep in a rotisserie. Partly because it's hot and partly because I'm not supposed to sleep on my back so I have to roll from side to side about every hour or my hands go to sleep. This can be quite a production with the assortment of pillows that now accompany me to bed. Saturday marks week 26 of the pregnancy. That means only 14 weeks to go and we can meet the little guy! That's not very much time. I'm really looking forward to November for many reasons.#1, the obvious: meet the baby. #2, my qualifying exam will be a distant memory (and either I will be working on finishing my degree or preparing grande no fat mocha soy lattes for people). #3, I get 6 WEEKS OFF FROM SCHOOL to be a REAL WIFE and a MOM!!#4, I won't be getting much sleep, but when I lie down, I will be comfortable!!